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Hiring a Real Estate Professional that is specifically trained in areas of Real Estate and Divorce is critical when dissolving a marriage and selling what is often the marital estate’s biggest asset.  It is imperative that both parties employ someone that can facilitate a successful sale under what can often be emotional and stressful conditions.

Wendy Dormer is an established Realtor, with a Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist designation.  She also has her Juris Doctor in Law and worked as a Certified Family Law Paralegal for twenty years.  Although Wendy is happily married to her husband Glenn whom she also works with side by side at The Dormer Group at Keller Williams Westlake Village; in her years of experience, she has seen first hand how difficult the divorce process can be and how many moving parts need to be addressed during the process.

Wendy has definitely found a niche in combining her Family Law and Real Estate expertise, which enables her, along with her team, to lead her clients down the successful path to “Sold” with understanding, compassion and empathy.  With her diplomatic character and problem solving and negotiating skills, she gets the job done.  Even in high conflict situations, Wendy is able to remain neutral and unbiased and assist both parties through the negotiations.  Wendy has worked with many Family Law attorneys and has a grasp of the legal implications involved and she often works as a liason between attorneys on either side in high conflict situations.

Studies say that some of the most challenging and stressful lifetime events is (1) Selling a Home and (2) Getting Divorced, so when you have to deal with both simultaneously hiring the right professional is key.  Wendy really brings clarity to the situation, she has systems and strategies in place to insure that expectations are set, all components to the transaction run smoothly from start to finish and the end goal is achieved.   Wendy can be reached directly at (805) 558-9931 or Wendy@TheDormerGroup.com.


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